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Vacuum Tube prototype / project kit for 9 pin tubes

We developed this board and kit for ourselves. We do a lot of prototyping of our tube designs and we wanted to have a high-quality non-dedicated prototype board we could re-use. We can now make these boards and kits available to you.The complete kit includes one prototyping PCB + 2 pcb 8 pin tube sockets + 10 feet of hook up wire (2 feet of blue, red, yellow, black and white) UL 1569/1007 300V RMS 22 gauge solid tin plated + mounting hardware.

Please see our complete 8 pin project kits and 9 pin project kits as well as our 8 pin prototyping board.

Designed and custom made for Vacuum Tube Supplies, our boards are made of high quality FR4 epoxy glass double sided. These boards are nearly 1/10 inch thick (0.093) using heavy clad 2oz copper. The boards have an easy to solder tin/lead coating and have solder masks top and bottom to minimize solder splashes.


  • Designed for three 9 pin Belton pcb (printed circuit board) tube sockets with non-dedicated pin-outs;
  • The board can accommodate any 9 pin tube: EL84/6BQ5, 12AU7,12AX7's/ECC83, etc.;
  • Can be used for preamplifiers, either guitar or HIFI;
  • Can be used for a full mono block;
  • Boards can be used for 'hybrid' designs (semiconductor/ tube);
  • OR ANY PROJECT needing up to three 9 pin tubes.

The boards are 7.75 inch by 4.75 inch - that's over 36 square inches of prototyping space! Tubes are spaced 2.3 inches centers to accommodate larger power tubes. Tube sockets can be mounted on either side. Six 0.150-inch holes are provided for rigid board mounting. The board includes: nylon board mounting hardware nuts, bolts, washers and spacers; two bus tracks 0.1 inch wide for heaters/filaments, all other tracks are either 0.01 or 0.02 inch wide most with 0.03 inch minimum clearances; sixteen non-dedicated bus lines for power B+ etc which can be interconnected; top ground plane for low noise connected to bottom peripheral ground plane; ground planes joined top and bottom with 0.030 spacing to tracks and pads; minimum pad-to-pad spacing of 0.15 to allow for larger components used in tube circuits; larger pad holes 0.059 allow for large component lead diameters. The board includes 0.1 inch pitch pads and interconnects for semiconductor ICs. All holes are plated-through.

  • Can support 8 (eight) 8 pin DIP (Dual in-line Package) devices;
  • 80+ power bus solder-pad connections;
  • 350+ small component mounting pad connections;
  • 300+ large component mounting pad connections;
  • 80+ tube pin out pad connections;
  • 70 ground pad connections;
  • 10 heater pad connections;
  • Nearly 1000 component mounting holes;
  • Tracks join connection pads on both sides of the board for improved connection integrity;
  • Solder masks on both sides to minimize solder splashes;
  • Components can be mounted on either side of the board;
  • Can be used for point-to-point wiring instead of solder tag strips;
  • Easy to de-solder.

See our 8 pin octal prototyping/project boards and kits. They can easily be used in combination to build a complete amplifier for mono blocks, stereo or guitar amp.

IMPORTANT - BE SAFE! By their very nature, vacuum tubes, vacuum tube equipment and associated components operate at inherently high voltages, currents and can be very hot! We want you to be safe and enjoy your projects, whether you do this as a hobby or as a business. It is important to work within your capabilities. If you are not trained or qualified or comfortable working with high voltages and currents seek out professional help, rather than put yourself or others at risk. Vacuum tube equipment and components can cause serious injury or death. Vacuum Tube Supplies LLC and its associates shall NOT accept any direct, indirect or consequential damages out of the use or purchase of any of our products or services we provide, regardless of the method of delivery to you, including, but not limited to, personal injury or loss of income. Under no circumstances will our liability exceed the purchase price of the product or service provided.

Vacuum Tube prototype / project kit for 9 pin tubes
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